Financial Secretary/Chairman of Finance, Pastor Roosevelt Bell
work: (301) 490-8830

The Chairman of Finance is appointed by the President and is responsible for the management of the Finance Commission.  The Commission shall include the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary and any other appointments named by the President.  This Commission shall be responsible for all Financial matters of the Convention.

The Financial Secretary keeps detailed records concerning all money transactions for the Convention; is involved in the counting, verifying and recording the amounts given by Churches, individuals and other entities; report shall be reflective of a balance sheet and all assets and liabilities shall be in the report; must record all pledges and sent written acknowledgments to any and all that make pledges to the Convention;  must send a written financial status statement quarterly to all Member Churches.  A written financial statement must be submitted at all Board meetings.  Copies will only be given to the President and General Secretary.  At the Annual Session, a complete financial report must be submitted to the Convention.