Convention Officers

The elected Officers of the NCBC are the President, Vice-President At-Large, first, second and third Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Chairman of Finance, Treasurer, Auditor, Historian, and Musical Director.  Tenure is generally for four (4) years with elections held annually. All officers shall be subject to the control and direction of the president in matters pertaining to the work and obligations.

Parent Body Officers

Pastor Charles W. McNeill Jr.
The President presides over the meetings of the Annual Session, the Quarterly Sessions, ... more
Office Phone: (202) 529-2828

Vice President At LargeVice President At Large
Pastor Stephen E. Tucker
Representative of Maryland/Virginia Region. The Vice-President (V. P.) At-Large is responsible ... more
Office Phone: (202) 291-5711

First Vice PresidentFirst Vice President
Pastor Willie T. Lawson
Representative of Northwest (NW) Region. The First (1st) Vice-President serves as the Budget ... more
Office Phone: (202) 543-2428

Second Vice PresidentSecond Vice President
Pastor Damion M. Briggs
Representative of Northeast (NE) Region. The Second (2nd) Vice-President is responsible for ... more
Office Phone: (301) 322-9787

Third Vice PresidentThird Vice President
Pastor L. K. Floyd
Representative of the Southeast (SE) and Southwest (SW) Regions. The Third (3rd) ... more
Office Phone: (301) 875-5037

General SecretaryGeneral Secretary
Pastor Charles W. Dockett
The General Secretary's duties consist of the following: Keeping the minutes at ... more
Office Phone: (301) 203-8425

Assistant General SecretaryAssistant General Secretary
Pastor C. T. Riley
The Assistant General Secretary, in the absence of the General Secretary, shall perform the ... more

Financial Secretary/Chairman of FinanceFinancial Secretary/Chairman of Finance
Pastor Roosevelt Bell
The Chairman of Finance is appointed by the President and is responsible for the management of ... more
Office Phone: (301) 490-8830

Sis. Peggy Carter Wallace
The Treasurer is the custodian of all liquid assets of the convention. All offerings and checks ... more
Office Phone: (301) 794-0092

Min. Anthony Borges
The Auditor reviews the integrity of financial information of NCBC and the means used to gather ... more

Deac. Taffene D. Hollingsworth
The Historian shall prepare a written history of the Convention.  Information about ... more
Office Phone: (202) 789-0640

Music DirectorMusic Director
Pastor Alfie Lewis
The Musical Director is responsible for providing musical direction for the Convention; the ... more
Office Phone: (313) 293-8825