Treasurer, Sis. Peggy Carter Wallace
work: (301) 794-0092
The Treasurer is the custodian of all liquid assets of the convention. All offerings and checks that come through the mail go to the Treasure for deposit. The Treasurer shall check the budget to make sure funds are coming in at a proper rate.
The Treasure is the paymaster. All expenses that are authorized by the President, the Executive Board or the Convention are to be paid. Unauthorized expenses shall not be paid by the Treasurer.
The Treasurer is the banker. All funds must be secured and placed in the bank on the next banking day.
The Treasurer is the Book-keeper.  The Treasurer must keep or cause to be kept accurate records of the receipts and expenditures. All bank statements must be balanced on a monthly basis and at the end of each year submit the year's bank statements to the General Secretary for proper filing. A written statement must be submitted at all meetings, and copies will be given to the President and General Secretary. At the Annual Session a complete report must be submitted to the Convention.
The Treasurer books shall be surrendered to the Convention at the request of the President or the Executive Board, at any time for inspection or a complete audit.
The Treasurer shall make bond with some reputable bonding company for the minimum sum of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2500) for which the Convention shall pay.