Authorized Courses for Pastors

By Pastor Leroy Gilbert, President, Congress of Christian Education |  March 25, 2018

Dear Pastors,
The Congress of Christian Education of the NCBC consists of 13 Schools, especially designed to meet the myriad needs of Pastors and their congregations. This letter is the beginning of a series of letters I am writing regarding the different specified courses we are offering at our Annual Congress.  This letter is especially written for Pastors and those involved in evangelism.
Our Annual Session of the Congress for Christian Education, will be held at Galilee Baptist Church, 2101 Shadyside Avenue, Suitland, Maryland 20746, on April 30 -- May 4, 6:30 – 9:00pm nightly. The Host Pastor is the Rev. Dr. Lloyd T. McGriff.
Of the 13 Schools of Congress that will be conducting courses at our Congress, I want to bring to your attention two courses that are specifically designed for Pastors:  The School for Pastors, and the School for Evangelism. 
The School for Pastors under the leadership of Rev. Be Louis Colleton will explore best practices in effective ministry.  With 4,500 churches in America closing each year, this course will discuss how to revitalize our ministry in these challenging times. Pastors will have an opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue with other pastors on vital issues of their ministry and personal enrichment. 
The School for Evangelism under the leadership of Rev. Calvin Baltimore has designed a very informative, spirit-filled enlightened course on Evangelism and Outreach which will use a threefold format: informative lectures, inspirational musical selections, and dynamic preaching. Among the lecturers, on Thursday night (3 May) is Dr. Leroy Hills, Vice President of the NBC, USA, Inc. Board of Evangelism.  He has helped many churches to make a comeback to the glory of God.  Refer to our website for the schedule and syllabus of lecturers and preachers for this school
The Congress of Christian Education of the National Capital Baptist Convention provides quality and certified training for Christian workers for local churches in DC and vicinity.  If your church is like most of our churches, we can only afford to send a few or zero Christian workers to national conventions and annual congresses in distant places.  But every church that is a member of our convention may send their Christian workers for training, inspiration, and growth to our local annual and monthly training seminars.  If it is not feasible for your church to spend thousands of dollars sending delegates to national conventions (paying for transportation and accommodation), we have an alternative plan for you.  You can now receive from our local Congress of Christian Education, the kind of training and instruction that are offered at the national level. 
Please go to our website and register for the course of your choice, also please encourage your members to register to ensure availability of desired courses:  ( 
Enclosed is a flyer. Please include it in your bulletin or post it in your church.  If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me at 202 262 0723 or email