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By Rev. Alfred Wright, Dean |  April 7, 2017

The Annual Congress of Christian Education
of the National Capital Baptist Convention of DC and Vicinity
May 1-5, 2017
Emmanuel Baptist Church
2409 Ainger Pl SE, Washington, DC 20020
Congress President, Rev. Leroy Gilbert, Ph.D.
Dean, Alfred Wright
Convention President, Rev. Charles McNeill
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The Annual Congress of Christian Education, of the National Capital Baptist Convention of DC and Vicinity has developed 10 new schools for Christian workers.   Perhaps one of the following schools is for you:

Review the School syllabus:
  1. School for Pastors
  2. School for Associate Ministers
  3. School for Directors, Teachers, and Leaders of Christian Education
  4. School for Youth Ministry Directors and Worker
  5. School for Community, Civil, Social and Political Activism:
  6. School for Men’s Ministry
  7. School for Women in the Ministry
  8. School for Evangelism
  9. School for Overcomers Ministry
  10. School for Biblical Studies and Certifications
 Select a School for your Interest and Ministry:

School for Pastors: Director, Rev. Be Louis Colleton  
The profession of pastoring requires continuous education and training to preserve the truth and doctrine of the gospel and preach and teach it without compromise in order to feed the sheep and perfect the saints. This school is exclusively for Pastors.
School for Associate Ministers: Director, Rev. Dr. Artie Polk
The primary function of an assistant, or associate minister is to help the head pastor lead the church. This school will be instrumental in teaching associates some vital lessons to maximize their role as an associate ministers. 
School for Directors, Teachers, and Leaders of Christian Education:  Director,
Rev. Mary Tillman (Interim)

The school’s goal is to provide training and opportunities for Christian education workers to enhance their skills and to gain certification in order to offer courses that are certified by the Sunday School Publishing Board. 
School for Youth Ministry Directors and Workers: Director, Rev. O’Brien Wimbush
Youth ministry is aimed to cultivate, educate, recruit, deputize, and mobilize youth to change the world for Christ. This school will work with Youth leaders not only in making the bible relevant to contemporary young people but also preparing them to function as teachers and leaders in their churches and conventions.
School for Community, Civil, Social and Political Activism: Director, Rev. Charles McNeill
Activism has been a factor throughout the history of African Americans and the Black Church. The School for Community and Social and Political Activism objective is to produce Christian leaders who will work behind the scene to challenge policies and practices that are antithetical to the Gospel and harmful to minorities. Additionally, this school will produce or provide information material to acquaint church leaders regarding policies that affect our churches and lives. 
School for Men’s Ministry:  Directors, Co-Leaders Min. Ronald Greenfield and Rev. Leslie Taylor 
Men’s Ministry is so important in today’s culture for the survival and stability of the Black family. The mission of School for Men’s Ministry is to provide men with resources, activities, and training to develop godly character, and to equip them with tools to lead their families, and influence their world for Christ.  Our ultimate goal is to equip men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. This school is a partnership with DCBC Men’s Ministry and NCBC Lay Ministry.
School for Women in the Ministry: Director, Elder Joann Davis 
This school will engage in a woman-to-woman discussions, Bible teaching, and discipleship that will empower, encourage, and train women in the ministry to serve the church, their community and to reach the world according their calling, talents, and gifts from the Almighty.
School of Evangelism: Director, Rev. Calvin Baltimore
The School of Evangelism is dedicated to training men and women to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this modern society.  The school will explore traditional and contemporary strategies for evangelism and outreach ministry. 
 School for Overcomers Ministry:  Director, Dr.  Esther Mills 
If you are dealing with an illness, or a survival of a critical deadly medical problem this school may be what you need on your life’s journey.  If you have a problem with procrastination or laziness, overeating, or battling selfishness, or an inferiority complex, or fighting anger, impatience or losing control of your emotions, or struggling with lust, or suffering suffer from discouragement or even depression, or you addicted to a harmful behavior or substance, this school maybe what you need to fight the good fight of faith victoriously.

School for Biblical Studies and Certifications: Director, Rev. Alfred Wright
This school is essentially the Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) for the National Capital Baptist Convention in partnership with the Sunday School Publishing Board.  Most of the certification courses will be conducted under the auspice of this school.

Class I
2007 Christian Stewardship (PH I) – Dea. Arthur J. Caine, Tenth Street Baptist Church (18332T)
This course will cover the basic tenets of Christian stewardship-time, talents, and tithe. Students how to effectively manage their resources through a better understanding of the spiritual principles, practices, and contributions of Christian stewardship.

Class II
7022 Developing Christian Morals in an Immoral World -Rev. Damion Briggs, Eastern Community Church
Ushers Class

CPR and First Aide Class Tuesday-Thursday ($29.00 for card and class)

***Youth Agenda***:
Ages 6-12)
9405 It’s Okay to Be Different*
(Ages 13-17)
9403 The Best Me I Can Be*
(Ages 18-35)
2062 Involving Young Adults in the Church