For Assistant and Associate Ministers, A course for you...

By Leroy Gilbert, Ph.D., President, Congress of Christian Education |  March 27, 2018

Dear Assistant and Associate Ministers,
I am writing you to make sure you take advantage of the education and training offered by the School for Assistant and Associate Pastors, of the National Capital Baptist Convention, Congress of Christian Education, Annual Session, which will be held at Galilee Baptist Church, 2101 Shadyside Avenue, Suitland, Maryland 20746, on April 30 -- May 4, 6:30 – 9:00pm nightly. The Host Pastor is the Rev. Dr. Lloyd T. McGriff.
Assistant and Associate ministers play a critical role in supporting and nurturing the goals of the church. Although you are not the primary person responsible to articulate that vision, you can lead others to affirm it and add to the strategy to accomplish it. Congregations traditionally expect assistant pastors to be able to stand in for the senior pastor in any of his/her core responsibilities. The more you are prepared, the more your church and Pastor may use you. It is therefore important that you maximize training or educational opportunities, to sharpen your skills in the myriad responsibilities of supporting your Pastor and church.
Preachers need the maturation that comes from serving with or under another pastor, before leading their own congregation.   While you are in the second chair, the School for Assistant and Associate Ministers provides training to maximize your role as Assistant or Associate Minister. The school stresses the following 10 ways of being an effective servant leader while in the second chair:
·        Seek clarity about your calling
·        Be ready to preach and teach
·        Learn everything you can
·        Be proactive about your growth
·        Be loyal to your pastor
·        Have a servant’s spirit
·        Keep your ego in check
·        Do not usurp authority
·        Wait your turn
·        Leave when it’s time to leave.
This school will provide an opportunity to explore ways you can best serve your Pastor and church. And engage in a meaningful dialogue with other Assistant/Associate ministers.
Please go to our website and register for this course at the Annual Session.  Spaces are limited, so it would be wise to register now to ensure availability of this course.  Our website is (