Prayer Vigil for Furloughed Employees

By Special Assistant to the President |  January 26, 2019

Dear Pastors,
On this Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 1:30-3pm, there will be a Combined Churches’ Prayer Vigil held at Israel Baptist Church, 1251 Saratoga Avenue, N.E., to benefit furloughed government workers and contractors.
Following the Vigil, we plan to distribute grocery or gas cards to the workers. We are asking pastors and churches to: 1) come out and join us; 2) bring grocery and gas cards for distribution. If you are able, please try to bring $500 worth but any amount will be appreciated. 3) Get the word out to furloughed staff in your congregations. 4) Remind them to bring their government ID’s.
We are trying to have Pastors from each of the quadrants of the city to come and pray - from NW, NE, SE , and SW. This is not an effort by one church but churches collectively. For accountability purposes, the cards will be distributed by the Wednesday Clergy Fellowship and Clergy for Community Wealth Preservation (CCWP.) If you have other resource materials you would like to share, please bring them and we will distribute them as well. Let’s all do this together! Please share with your networks.
Rev. Thompson
Your Servant,
President Charles W. McNeill, Jr.