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Rev. Albert W. Montgomery, Sr., President
cell: (240) 394-0089
Email: almontgomery14@gmail.com

This Associate Ministers Division serves as a venue for the development of the Spiritual gifts and other Ministerial skills of the National Capital Baptist Convention member churches Associate Ministers. It serves at the discretion of the NCBC leadership and is a network of Associate Ministers sharing common aspirations. Our reach spans the entire Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Goals: The Associate Ministers Division (AMD) holds as its soles objective the extension of God’s mission for the Church. The work of this division supplements measures already in consideration by the NCBC and its member churches.

In this regard the Division holds the following as its objectives:
  • Ministering to the human need in the name if Christ
  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Telling the world about Jesus through witness and action
  • Giving visible form to the faith and fellowship to which God has called His people
  • Assisting the needy and encourage Christian living

The coordinated efforts of the Division’s membership permits it to engage in outreach programs to spiritually nurture residents in nursing homes, patients in hospitals, the youth of our local communities, prison inmates and ex-offenders. Internally, ministering to each other is an equally important objective. The network is an effective Mecca for support in stressful personal situations. When possible, the Division also features and encourages personal development training programs.