Congress of Christian Education

Pastor Leroy Gilbert, Ph.D., President
work: (202) 462-0427

The purpose of the NCCCE is to support the mission of the State President by serving as the nucleus for Christian Education.  

 The NCCCE is comprised of a Planning Committee, which consist of 2-3 designated representatives from each of our more than 30 sister churches, the Scholarship Committee and the Youth Division. 

 Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring accreditation of our leadership schools, certification of our Dean and Instructors.
  • To establish and foster a spiritual learning environment for members at all ages.
  •  To provide certified CoPP (Certificate of Progress Program) courses as well as practical living courses that will help to develop the whole man.

Goals of the NCCCE include:

  • Minimize cost to sister churches for participation in nationally certified courses by providing these courses at the local level.
  • Establish accredited leadership schools within our sister churches throughout the year.
  • To provide a catalyst through the PAP (Pastor’s Alternative Program) whereby Pastors with 5 or more year’s pastoral experience can become certified to teach all 4 phases of the COPP program.
  • Within in the next 18 months,( by utilizing members of our sister churches) establish a team of no less than 50 National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Sunday School Publishing Board certified instructors, with the intent of maintaining 50 instructors throughout a revolving 5 year certification period.