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Rev. Leslie Taylor, President
cell: 301-520-0283
Email: leslietaylor860@hotmail.com

The National Capital Baptist Laymen’s Movement an auxiliary of the National Capital Baptist Convention of Washington, D.C. and Vicinity provides general direction to the National Capital Baptist Laymen’s Movement.  Immediate government of the National Baptist Laymen is vested in the members that compose it.

 Objective: In obedience to the command of Christ, the basic objective of the National Baptist Laymen is to lead men into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and to enlist men into serving him as Lord of their lives by:

  • Enlisting men to actively support the primary work of the local congregation.
  • Training and involving men in understanding what commitment as a disciple of Jesus Christ can mean as a guiding force in their lives.
  • Regularly involving men in sharing their individual faith through small groups, evangelistic outreach and service.
  • Encouraging men to become a supporting arm for the Pastor in the overall work and mission of their local congregation.
  •  Advancing and supporting the wider work and ministries of the National Capital Baptist Convention.

Membership of the National Capital Baptist Laymen consisting of all men who are members of local congregations which are in an approved relationship with the National Capital Baptist Convention.

Meetings are held monthly from 12:00 PM till 2:00 PM at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 2409 Ainger Place SE. Washington, D.C., except for the months of August and December.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the function of the National Capital Baptist Laymen through its officers and members is to work directly with men of local congregations and/or cluster of local congregations.

The National Capital Baptist Laymen tailored its emphasis, resources and training to the needs of local congregations and the development of additional programs and resources where appropriate.