Ushers/Nurses Auxiliary

Dea. Steven Norris, President
home: (301) 772-9732

The Ushers/Nurses Auxiliary provides service to God as the doorkeepers and healthcare administrators in the house of the Lord. We promote orderly seating of the congregation to prevent disruption and interruption of worship or special service. We provide aide to the congregation when in need of healthcare or provide assistance when a person is in the spirit worshiping God. Communication is maintained through identifying request, concerns and emergency messages from both the pulpit and the congregation. This ministry extends a cheerful welcome to all who enter into God’s house, where through His Word, souls are saved.

 Our role as Ushers & Nurses in this Convention is mandated by:

1 Corinthians 14:40: Let all things be done decently and in order.

Our role consists of the following:

  • To assist the pastors, ministers and officers in helping to bring God’s vision for the local churches and this convention into fruition.
  • Responsible for making all visitors feel welcome and important. Greet visitors with warmth and love.
  • Maintain order and orchestrate movement during the service and prayer ministry lines.
  • Assist the handicapped, sick and help trustees during emergency care of evacuation of the church.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings for the ushers and nurses of this convention.
  • Attend all services on a regular basis; Including the City-Wide Revival, Annual Session, Christian Education Classes, and Board Meetings etc.
Our mission is clear: Preserve Godly order and protect the weak, needy and infirmed. Be sensitive but don’t be intimidated. 

Becoming involved in this Auxiliary of the NCBC one can get a personal feeling of belonging to a ministry that cares and is willing to assist you in your church events. This ministry promotes fellowship and the meeting of people from various churches and cultural persuasions; and an opportunity to serve God’s people in a way that is pleasing to Him. 

In this ministry we get to interact with all aspects of the NCBC including President Charles W. McNeill Jr., the executive cabinet; all auxiliaries, music department, Christian education and the members of the financial team.