Information Technology Commission

Dea. Calvin Hollingsworth, Chairman
cell: (240) 678-5412
work: (202) 789-0640

The Information Technology Commission (ITC) provides quality information technology (IT) services and solutions to constituent churches. The mission of the ITC is to provide a variety of information technology tools to help pastors and their churches. The ITC is working to put technology to its highest and best use throughout NCBC constituent churches to enhance the administration of church activities and operations.

 The IT services offered to effectively align churches with new technology include:

  • Guidance with the development of information technology training centers;
  • Hosting information technology training for members and technical support staff;
  • Website development and hosting service consultation;
  • Coordination of desktop publishing activities;
  •  Solutions for video production/projection including TV broadcast & web casting;
  • Office automation and data management solutions; and
  • Development and maintenance of the NCBC website.
Our goal is to keep pace with the continuously emerging world of computer and Internet-based technologies while providing an innovative mix of consultative services and solutions.  We believe our services will help pastors and other church officials with the planning, implementation and maintenance of new information technology.